A. Lanternier Dishes from the 1950s

Hello, These dishes were recently found in my mom’s house. They belonged to my great aunt. We believe they may be from the 1950s. They are all stamped with: 1) A. Lanternier Limoges France 2) Manufactured for R. B. Gray & Co St Louis Mo 3) Only one piece has a number on it. Inside the tureen lid is the number 2507 in gold. I have so many pieces: 16 dinner plates 12 lunch plates 11 salad plates 12 bowls 8 cups 9 saucers 9 butter pats 1 tureen 1 serving bowl 1 covered vegetable bowl 1 Oblong appetizer bowl 2 small bowls 1 turkey platter 1 large platter 2 “other” platters
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