Appraisers are historians too


When it comes to getting an appraisal, the best advice is to seek out an experienced appraiser who knows what they are doing. And more often than not, they’ll probably know more about your item than you thought.

See, appraisers are great at what they do because they specialize in certain categories and then learn those subjects inside and out, making them experts on specific items or time periods and in turn, your item. They can provide in-depth knowledge about your item and provide you with some real meaning. Appraisers work hard to know the ins and outs of their subject and most love to share the knowledge they know.

When’s the last time you watched Antiques Roadshow? Their motto is, “Part adventure, part history lesson, part treasure hunt.” The second part is included for a reason. When you watch next time, notice how much information the appraisers provide to the individuals. Even after the people looking to get their items appraised share the items provenance, the appraisers add even more facts and history on top of it!

So, the next time you go to get an item appraised, look at it as a history lesson, too. Do you have an item that perhaps was passed down to you that maybe you wouldn’t be interested in selling, but you want to know the history behind it? We can help you with that! Get started today with access to our list of experienced and vetted Experts here: