It’s that time of the year again when the holidays start coming fast and furious. First with Thanksgiving, then Christmas and finally ushering in the New Year. Meaning it’s also the perfect time to pull out all the old, vintage and unique decorations that have been passed down from family members or even picked up at local antique stores. 

During Thanksgiving, many people pull out their grandma’s antique glassware, platters and bowls. Reserved solely for that time of the year. There may also be older themed pieces of art and even family traditions going back many generations. Do you make homemade cranberry sauce? Or is your family strictly a jellied cranberry sauce family?

The day after binge-eating turkey till you pass out, it’s time to hang all the lights and start decorating for Christmas. That may mean breaking out the vintage nativity scene, 1950’s glass ornaments, and classic Christmas books and carols. There are antique nutcrackers to bring out of storage, eggnog containers to clean and fruitcake to prepare. Some of the best things are the most sentimental. They may not hold the most value money-wise, but as far as history and provenance, their value is endless.

And finally comes the adult-oriented New Year’s celebrations. Whether that’s a humble night in with your favorite person or a full-blown 1920’s themed dinner party, there are pieces to go with anything. Think about the antique and vintage champagne flutes you have hiding in the closet. This is the perfect time of the year to break them out and share the history behind them.

So when you start to bring stuff out of storage this year, take the time to reminisce about the memories each item holds. It could be of your child’s first Christmas or maybe your grandpa’s old carving knife. Each item has a story and it’s the stories that are most important during the holiday season. Do you have a special item that you’d like to know more about? A Kersten’s Antiques Expert can help you! Visit our website and find the right package for you, to get connected with an expert today.