The Real Cat's Meow.

Tis the season for Roaring 20’s Parties- Cocktails with friends, big jazz bands, dancing the night away in a fun, fringed flapper dress. It’s not a surprise that big named designers are consistently incorporating 20’s fashion on the runways today. Drop-waist, shapeless cocktail dresses with glamorous beading or fringe details, often draping to one side or off the shoulder… a fashion movement inspired by the young women of that era who experienced the horror of WWI & the Spanish flu. Their new vision: Life is short & could end at any moment. Often referred to as “scantily-clad, irresponsible & undisciplined,” the flapper movement inspired women to ditch their tight, Victorian style clothing & let loose (often times too loose…) inspiring dance styles like the Charleston and the Shimmy; which are exact reasons why the Roaring 20’s is such a popular party theme. Vintage dresses are the real “cat’s meow" and are still highly collectible.

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