Sir Henry and Lady Redford

At Kersten’s Antiques, we are passionate about helping customers across the nation to sell their beloved antiquity items. In fact, we thrive in knowing we can contribute in this way. However, we didn’t anticipate being the source of someone finding an ancestral item on our site but that is exactly what happened a few days ago.

Sir Dale Redford of Thatcher, Arizona told us a story recently about a Sir Henry and Lady Redford from England, his ancestors.  Sir Henry was knighted for the Lincoln County, served under King Henry IV at the House of Commons and was also the Sheriff of Lincolnshire. He was a man who wore many hats during his lifetime and of those a devoted husband to his Lady. They are buried next to each other at the Savage Chapel in Macclesfield, England.

In his search for discovering more information about his lineage, Sir Dale Redford came upon an item on our website that caught his eye. The artwork was uploaded by Billy Evans of Tulsa, an avid collector, who titled the item: Sir Henry and Lady Redford 1370 AD. Sir Henry is depicted standing on a lion in full armor while Lady Redford is simply beside her dog. They are in brass rubbing and they’re both clutching hearts to represent their everlasting love for one another.

In Sir Dale Redford’s own words, he says “This is a very rare treasure. Hard to find. The team at Kersten’s are the greatest. Thanks, Kaitlin and special thanks to their associate Billy. Thanks again so very humbly and kindly.”

Thank you Sir Dale Redford for sharing your family history with us and to Billy Evans for finding this wonderful piece of artwork. 

Everyone at Kersten’s Antiques has fallen in love with this story and we are ecstatic to have been a platform for this moment to unfold. You may currently have meaningful pieces in your home that could very well become a story for someone such as this. Contact Kersten’s Antiques today and find out how we can help.