Where Do the Arts Stand in University Education?

Jun 13 2019 - 11:12am
Universities across the United States are preparing themselves to react to changes in enrollment and in the job market. The University of Tulsa made national headlines when it rolled out a massive plan of restructuring for the university, titled True Commitment. Within this plan, programs in the Arts and Sciences department such as Theater and Music Performance fell on the chopping block. Though the cuts are not exclusive to this department (even a few law school programs found themselves on the list of cuts), a large percentage of programs to be cut are a part of this department. Furthermore, no members of the Arts and Science faculty were included in the 10-month period that preceded the... more

Mona Lisa 2.0

Jun 4 2019 - 12:08pm
For the record-breaking price of $450 million, an auction sold the Salvator Mundi painting to a close friend of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Many believe that this painting of Jesus Christ is an original work from Leonardo da Vinci. Despite the buzz that this painting generated when sold in 2017, its location since has remained unknown. It was supposed to be included in the collection housed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. However, the New York Times recently reported that it is still absent from this museum. Staff members do not know where it is and neither do officials at the Louvre in Paris, which has allowed the Abu Dhabi Museum to use its name. As it is... more

Picasso in Virtual Reality?!

Mar 21 2018 - 4:13pm
    Picasso in Virtual Reality?! We know you have thought about it.  How amazing would it be to really see Pablo Picasso’s artwork in person? To really get down & dirty with it? Well, this dream is soon to become a reality. More like a virtual reality! Thanks to an ongoing project by scholars at the University of South Florida (USF) Center for Virtualization & Applied Spatial Technologies, Picasso’s vision for this 102ft tall public monument will be realized!       Virtual reality(VR) has taken the world by storm! In case you haven't heard of it yet. VR is a computer-generated scenario that simulates real world & life-like experience. Currently, virtual reality is typically... more

Why is “Retro” Coming Back?

Aug 25 2017 - 7:17am
I have always loved the term “retro”. In the recent past, it was a throwaway term for some song or clothing that was old and out-of-date. “Oh, you’re so retro!” was the refrain. It wasn’t derogatory but it also wasn’t high praise. However, times sure are changing!  Now, thanks to hipsters “retro” is so in. From Herman Miller office chairs to restaurant condiment squeeze bottle sets, retro and things like “Mid-Century Modern” are all the rage. When we use the term “retro” what we mean is a style that consciously imitates trends, music, modes, fashions or attitudes of the past that no longer seem modern. As opposed to revivalism, also thought of as “unsentimental nostalgia,” retro creates a... more

Kersten's Antiques is Going Rogue!

Dec 16 2016 - 2:41pm
In a galaxy far far away (Mill Valley, California) in a distant time (1977) Star Wars began! Since its inception Star Wars has had a cult following, driving lifelong fans and new comers alike to seek interest in all things Star Wars. With the resurgence of the franchise, younger generations are becoming more interested in the 1970s collectibles as well as new generation memorabilia! So Kersten’s Antiques decided to dive in and explore the galaxy of Star Wars collectibles! Ever wonder what your Star Wars collectable is worth? Ever wonder how that value is assigned? Do you know where to go to buy them, sell them, or get tem appraised? Do you know how far 12 parsecs really is? All of the... more