Our Happy Clients

I first stumbled upon Kersten’s Antiques while looking online for an appraisal. After my father-in-law passed away, I inherited an assortment of antiques. For insurance purposes, I wanted to get these items valuated and had no idea where to begin. A quick search on the Internet brought several results, but also much more confusion. Luckily, Kersten’s Antiques was an answer to my prayers. Within minutes I had a detailed list of appraisers at my fingertips. I was put at ease because I could quickly view their credentials, their area of expertise, and see what other people like myself had to say about their experience with that appraiser. Once I selected Missy Canton, from Cleveland, Ohio, I uploaded my photos and simply waited for her reply. I was surprised when I got a response the next day from Missy. Her appraisal was both detailed and professional. Kersten’s Antiques was also wonderful in terms of customer service. After the valuation, I decided that I wanted to list a ceramic vase that was one of the items I had appraised. I was a little unsure how to monitor and set-up my auction listing and placed a call to Kersten’s Antiques for assistance. The attendant Diana, was patient, and had my auction listing up within 10 minutes of my phone call. Overall, I highly recommend using Kersten’s Antiques. I love this site! As a person with no real knowledge of antiques, I found this site to be super-easy and worry-free. I will definitely use this service again and again. Thank you Kersten’s Antiques for your help!
- Lisa