Arte de sermones, para hacerlos y predicarlos by Velasco, Martín de, OFM


Title: Sermon art, to make them, and preach them.

Author: Velasco, Martín de, OFM

Printer: Rivera Calderón, Miguel de, Heirs of the Widow of

Editor: Rivera, Gabriel from

Print place: Mexico, Mexico City

Publication date: 1728

Language: Spanish

Classification: COCY 2499   /    BF-AFAR

Origin: Convent of San Juan Bautista Coyoacán.

Material: Leather, Hand bound

Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 1


This work came to light in Mexican presses by Mexican presbyter D. Gabriel Rivera (Ribera, in Beristain and Souza). It is preceded only by the first Cadiz edition of 1677; its author was the Franciscan Fr. Martín de Velasco of the Province of Santa Fe de Bogotá. (Responsible: Rocío Cázares).

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