A. Lanternier Limoges France 87 Piece Dinnerware Set

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A. Lanternier Limoges France - green and white floral platters
A. Lanternier Limoges France - 2507 inside soup tureen lid
A. Lanternier Limoges France 2507 green and white floral serving pieces
A. Lanternier Limoges France - verification
A. Lanternier Limoges France 2507 green and white floral place settings
A. Lanternier Limoges France 2507 pattern - dinner plate

87 Piece Dinnerware Set. A. Lanternier Limoges France Manufactured for R. B. Gray & Co St Louis Mo. Pattern Number 2507, Green Leaves White Flowers. François Frédéric Lanternier established a luxury porcelain workshop in 1857. Partnering with Breuil he took over the Chabrol factory and started producing porcelain, which was artistically hand decorated in his studio.In 1890 the company was joined by Frederic's son, Alfred Lanternier. Alfred gained experience working in England as a Wedgewood representative. The company changed name to A. Lanternier & Co. They bought another porcelain factory in Limoges.


16 dinner plates

12 lunch plates

11 salad plates

12 bowls

9 saucers, 8 cups. The cups are trimmed in gold

9 butter pats

1 soup tureen, trimmed in gold

1 covered vegetable bowl, trimmed in gold

1 appitezer bowl

2 small bowls

1 turkey platter

1 large platter

2 smaller platters


If this is to be shipped, it should be shipped in 4 or 5 - 24x18x12 boxes.

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