Rare NIGHT FLIGHT Signed TERRY REDLIN (Most Sought After Print) Retail $7450

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1983 ARTIST OF THE YEAR TERRY REDLIN (SUPER RARE) Limited Edition "Night Flight"

*The Terry Redlin website at is asking $7,450 unframed for this Limited Edition Print*

Terry Redlin "NIGHT FLIGHT" is the most sought after Signed print he ever made. This is Limited Edition 1836/3600. Super RARE! 100% Original and Authentic. Very few hit the market and especially at this price!  Ducks Unlimited 1983 Artist of the year! Framed in old barn wood. Total size of frame measures around 39" x 32 1/2". It is still in the original frame from 1983 it's rustic and shows normal age for old barn wood. The print was always stored out of the sun light and is in great condition! This would be a great item to have in your collection or even a nice gift for someone!

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In 1983 Terry Redlin was named Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year. This honor by the premier waterfowl conservation organization recognized both his artistic achievements and the many contributions to their on-going programs. The painting itself exemplifies what such efforts accomplish. As the geese pass over man and his works, they head for a spacious wetland area that has been preserved for their use.

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