Set of Four Custom-Framed Prints - "Fores's Stable Scenes"

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This is a set of four custom-framed prints. The prints themselves are 29" wide and 21" tall. The frames are solid oak, with glass, and were custom-framed in Evansville, Indiana. The prints are the "Fores's Stable Scenes" series of four. Included are "Thorough Breds," "The Hunting Stud," "The Team," and "The Mail Change." I have attached information from the appraisal which offers a great amount of detail about these prints. They were custom-framed, and the frames are beautiful oak. Thank you!


Description:  Complete set of 4 plates: 'Fores's stable scenes'. Plate 1: The Mail Change (four mail coach horses and a stable-hand inside a stable). Plate 2: The Hunting Stud (three stable-hands and two gentlemen in a stable, brushing and caring for hunting horses). Plate 3: Thorough Breds (four thoroughbred racehorses with jockeys and managers in a stable). Plate 4: The Team (a team of saddled horses in stable). 

Published in London august 2nd 1844 'by Mess Fores at their sporting & find print repository & frame manufactory, 41 Piccadilly, corner of Sackville St.

Artists and Engravers: Engraved by J. Harris after paintings by J.F. Herring Ser. John II Harris (c. 1791-1873) was a British aquatint engraver. John Frederick I Herring (1795-1865) was a painter, sign maker and coachman in Victorian England. He was known as the 'Artist Coachman' because he was a night coach driver as well as painter of horse portraits. He began painting hunters and racehorses for the gentry. Queen Victoria was one of his commissioners.

Date: 1844

Medium: hand coloured aquatint engraving 

Size: 29 x 21 inches

Condition: good matted and framed.

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