Eurydice Osterman
Once getting the hang of how to input the item information and upload the photos, everything went smoothly. This was a very good experience.
Theresa Haney
olathe, Kansas
Kaitlin Taylor has been amazing to work with in getting my account set up and ready to go.  I am waiting to take a better picture of the item I'm wanting to post on here (and possibly see if there is anymore information on it) before I submit it. I will be uploading something within the next week. Thanks Kaitlin in making this very easy for me! Theresa Haney
I first stumbled upon Kersten’s Antiques while looking online for an appraisal. After my father-in-law passed away, I inherited an assortment of antiques. For insurance purposes, I wanted to get these items valuated and had no idea where to begin. A quick search on the Internet brought several results, but also much more confusion. Luckily, Kersten’s Antiques was an answer to my prayers. Within minutes I had a detailed list of appraisers at my fingertips. I was put at ease because I could quickly view their credentials, their area of expertise, and see what other people like myself had to say about their experience with that appraiser. Once I selected Missy Canton, from Cleveland, Ohio, I uploaded my photos and simply waited for her reply. I was surprised when I got a response the next day from Missy. Her appraisal was both detailed and professional. Kersten’s Antiques was also wonderful in terms of customer service. After the valuation, I decided that I wanted to list a ceramic vase that was one of the items I had appraised. I was a little unsure how to monitor and set-up my auction listing and placed a call to Kersten’s Antiques for assistance. The attendant Diana, was patient, and had my auction listing up within 10 minutes of my phone call. Overall, I highly recommend using Kersten’s Antiques. I love this site! As a person with no real knowledge of antiques, I found this site to be super-easy and worry-free. I will definitely use this service again and again. Thank you Kersten’s Antiques for your help!
I highly recommend Kersten’s Antiques. As an avid garage-sale shopper I recently purchased an antique clock. I was curious to find out more information about it and had heard through a friend to try Kersten’s Antiques. I was blown away with the service that I received. I learned from the appraiser that my clock was 17th century; German-made, and held a value of $500! Originally paying $50 for the clock, I was happily surprised. I would recommend Kersten’s to anyone.
As a new mom, I rarely have time to myself, much less to get an appraisal. This site was easy to use and took very little time. What I found impressive was that Kersten’s Antiques had appraisers for fine art as well as antiques. My grandmother was an artist and collector and had given me several paintings over the years. I am less familiar with art, so Kersten’s had the expertise and knowledge that I needed, when I needed it.